YEE (Young Entrepreneur Emporium) 


This game is about teaching younger children about becoming entrepreneurs. Parents or teachers can discuss the following principles of the game with the players after the game:

 Ø You normally need money to start a business. It might first be necessary to work to obtain capital for your business. In YEE it can be done by washing cars, by delivering newspapers, or by working at the coffee shop, shop or restaurant. To work you must sacrifice your time and therefore you miss a turn in the game. Some jobs may be easier, like washing cars near the beginning. This, however, pays less than travelling further to the shops.

 Ø When you start your business you usually purchase inventory or equipment. If you do not have a lot, you can buy less and then sell it to others on a small scale. In this game, small quantities iJees can be sold to the homes without further cost.

 Ø There is normally more money to be made by large-scale buying and selling. In this game players can sell many iJees at the market. However, it is more expensive. The player should therefore think carefully whether it is worth the cost when selling the iJees.

 Every person should constantly improve his/her knowledge so that he/she can be a successful entrepreneur. In this game it is illustrated by saving up some money to attend university.