Commercium TM

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There are various factors that business and accounting educators should consider when involved in accounting education.
These include:
- A continuous changing business environment;
- A new generation of learners studying at universities;
- A lack of skills among learners;
- Educators resisting change, and
- The requirements for continuing professional

From the literature is seems that much research has been done in the field of accounting and other business education, but that it did not find practical application in the classroom. It is therefore necessary to think creatively in order to find practical solutions for the challenges facing both lecturers and facilitators.

The Commercium board game was developed to meet the requirements of the teaching-learning environment. The board game was evaluated by first year learners at the Potchefstroom Campus of the North-West University and the Vaal University of Technology. The evaluation proved to be very positive. The learners indicated that technical skills, understanding the roles of the accountant, soft skills as well as knowledge of the subject content improved as a result. What should especially be noted is their positive reaction due to the fact that the game simulated the business environment and linked theory to practice. They also enjoyed the social and group work aspects of the assignment. The learners further had a general positive attitude towards the game. The highest evaluated positive experiences were described as “good”, “exciting” and “fresh”. On the negative side words such as “unhappy”, “uncomfortable” and “tensed” were recorded. The learners were thus required to move outside their comfort zones. Learners were also required to summarize the project in one word. Two thirds of the remarks were positive, with the number one remark being the word “interesting”.

The game has since also successfully been implemented at the Vaal University of Technology, University of the Free State, Rhodes University, the University of Pretoria, Walter Sisulu University of Technology, UKZN, NMMU, SAICA, Alltimax, Maccauvlei Learning Academy etc.

In conclusion, it can thus be said the board game was meets the requirements of an effective teaching-learning environment by providing an effective teaching methodology. Lecturers now have an empirically proven effective teaching tool for introductory accounting, based on research of the requirements of the teaching-learning environment.

The following can be ordered from us:

  • Commercium Board game: Complete game (in 8 languages) with laminated cheques and bank statements
  • Delux boardgame bag
  • Student packs: 1 x Cheque Book, 1 x Bank Deposit Book, 1 x Receipt Book, 1 x Petty Cash Voucher Book, 1 x Cash Invoice Book, 1 x Credit Invoice Book, 2 x Bank Statements, 1 x Cash Reconciliation
  • Educators packs: 1 File with sample assignments, Power Point presentations, mark plans, supportive documentation and CD with all documents electronic.
  • Training sessions: 3 to 4 hour session for staff members. There is free video clips if you prefer training in this manner